About us

eHealthStudies is a specialized area of research within Oregon Research Institute (ORI), a non-profit research organization founded in 1960 and funded by federal grants including National Institutes of Health. It has developed an international reputation in the behavioral sciences and continues to be a leader in socially relevant research. ORI scientists strive to improve the quality of people’s lives by making significant contributions to understanding the causes, prevention and treatment of a variety of behaviors.

Meet our team

Brian G. Danaher, PhD is a Senior Research Scientist at ORI. A research clinical psychologist by training, Dr. Danaher’s early academic research focused on behavioral approaches to encourage self-management across a broad array of topics. He has been at ORI since 2004 and has been on a number of NIH grant-funded research projects including the development and evaluation of eHealth behavioral interventions for tobacco and depression.

John R. Seeley, PhD is a University of Oregon Professor and a Senior Scientist at ORI. His areas of special interest include (a) emotional and behavioral disorders, (b) behavioral health intervention, (c) research design and program evaluation, and (d) health-related technology. Since 1986 he has served ORI as a research programmer, data analyst, project manager, co-investigator, and principal investigator on over 50 National Institutes of Health, Department of Education, and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration research grants regarding the epidemiology, etiology, treatment, and prevention of depression and behavioral disorders.

Milagra S. Tyler, MA has been at ORI since 1998 and is Team Project Manager. She has experience in multiple projects that developed and evaluated eHealth interventions. Ms. Tyler has particular expertise in the overall information architecture of programs designed to engage participants and encourage behavior change. In addition, she has co- authored four key papers with Drs. Danaher and Seeley. Ms Tyler has a BA in Psychology from Southern Oregon University and a MA in Elementary Education from Oregon State University.

Ryann Crowley has been a Data Analyst at ORI since 2003. She has helped with analysis of program use (engagement) and other data analysis roles. Her most recent team projects have included Self-Help Lozenge, MyLastDip, MyLastDipLozenge, WebQuitline, MomMoodBooster (variations in both the U.S. and Australia), StayQuitMoms, and MobileQuit. Ms. Crowley has BA and MS degrees in Psychology from University of Oregon.

Katie Clawson is a Research Assistant at ORI and, most recently, she has worked on the following team projects: MyLastDip, Web Quitline, StayQuitMoms, and MobileQuit. Ms. Clawson has a BA in English from the University of Oregon.